Activities at Gesäuse National Park


In the Gesäuse National Park you can expect rugged limestone peaks, green forests and alpine pastures, refuges with fantastic panoramas and foaming, fast-flowing white water, from which this high alpine area got its name.

Grandiose views and the mysticism of walking


Magnificent views, rugged mountain peaks, mighty vistas and the dominant Enns river on the valley floor - that's what hiking in the Gesäuse National Park means. No one experiences the fascinating mountain world and its animal and plant inhabitants as intensively as hikers....

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The alpinist´s university


The Gesäuse has been writing alpine history for around 200 years...

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The rivers Enns and Johnsbach

Water Experiences

Only at the designated visitor areas the Enns and Johnsbach are freely accessible. In addition, there are a variety of water sports, which are permitted in close coordination with nature conservation. Rafting, boat trips and kayaking are possible on the Enns.

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The classic routes

Cycling and Mountainbiking

Cyclists and mountain bikers will find their way in the National Park - on well-marked and designated routes. For example, the mountain bike route over the Hochscheibenalm, the Ennsboden and Rauchboden trails or the Johnsbacher Almenrunde are ideal. The Ennsradweg and the Trans National Park round off the offer...

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Explore the theme trails barrier-free

Special needs

The Gesäuse is a unique natural landscape.
In order to be able to show people with disabilities this natural jewel in a particularly natural form, special emphasis is placed on barrier-free offers in the Gesäuse National Park.

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"The Wild John", "Leierweg" or the "Lettmaier Au",...

Themed trails

The themed trails in the Gesäuse National Park invite you to explore the beauties and jewels of nature...

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Sleeping at the bosom of nature


Due to the sensitive nature in the Gesäuse National Park, camping is not permitted in the National Park area. Exception: Camping in tents, caravans and campers is expressly desired at the Forstgarten campsite in Gstatterboden, in the middle of the Gesäuse National Park!

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Winter sports in the Gesäuse National Park

Ski Mountaineering and Snow-Shoeing

Alpine history was written in the Gesäuse, and so it is not surprising that winter also allows numerous activities in the mountains...

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Gstatterboden and Admont


As a visitor:in you can experience the exhibitions of the Gesäuse National Park and get a new perspective on the unique nature.

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No time left? No problem?


The highlights in the Gesäuse National Park. Wild water, steep rock or bad weather? A sophisticated program for a few beautiful days in the Gesäuse National Park!

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Experience nature on

Natural paths

There is a special category of trail in Austria's national parks: the nature trail. Here, human intervention is greatly reduced, allowing you to discover unspoilt nature in all its facets.

Natural paths