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Rangers at Gesäuse National Park


Day after day, countless visitors are given the possibility of experiencing the fascination of unspoilt nature in Gesäuse National Park and to find peace and relaxation in the midst of an impressive landscape. Guided tours by national park rangers provide a deeper insight and a special experience.

In most cases, national park rangers are the first and often the only employees of the national park administration with whom visitors come into contact. As the "human face" of the park, they represent the assurance of compliance with the relevant laws, the provision of information through exciting mediation activities and, last but not least, assistance in the event of unforeseen incidents or emergency situations. National park rangers are primarily concerned with sensitizing people to the nature of the national park and arousing their interest. It is not only about passing on knowledge, but also about opening eyes and creating an emotional access.

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National Park authorities

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The national park authorities play one of the most important roles in the (nature) protection of the Gesäuse National Park.