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Water Experiences at Gesäuse National Park

Water Experiences

The wild waters in Gesäuse National Park can develop freely and are largely unregulated. This means that rare species such as the common sandpiper can settle in the waters or on the banks and find their scarce habitat there. Due to this, special nature conservation in and around the waterbodies is needed and bathing in Enns river and Johnsbach creek are only permitted in designated areas and plunging into Sulzkarsee lake is completely prohibited.

Despite the high sensitivity of the waters and their inhabitants, they can be experienced and enjoyed by visitors, albeit with restrictions.

There is a wide range of water sports, which are permitted in close coordination with nature conservation. Rafting, boat trips and kayaking are possible on Enns river lauching and landing is only allowed at designated points.

Rafting and other commercial water sports activities are to be carried out in an environmentally friendly way and are therefore only possible in agreement with the national park administration. These are currently reserved for members of the "Styrian Rafting Association". Local providers are members of this association.


Opening hours of the entry/exit points in the Gesäuse National Park:

1st of May until 15th of Ocotber, daily from 9.30 am to 5:30 pm

Staying and bathing at the marked visitor areas
Kayaking using marked entrances and exits
Rafting with approved agencies
Camping at the Forstgarten campsite in Gstatterboden

Noise, paddle clapping

Entering the shore areas outside visitor areas
Make fire (exception: barbecue area in Gstatterboden)
Camping and spending the night in the open

Further informations

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