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Magazine "Im Gseis" Winter 2023

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2023_09_04 Network meeting in the Gesäuse National Park, Wölger, Haas, Slamanig, Hartmann, Remich (from left)

Land pushes initiatives in environmental education

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Image: 2023_08_21_Vjosa River

Vjosa Ranger on Learning Mission in the Gesäuse National Park

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Picture t.s.: Cinema at the Weidendom

Tenth summer of cinema at the Weidendom

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Climate Protection Minister Gewessler on a visit

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Picture Large Rim Beetle

Amateur researcher finds jungle beetle

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Image: 2023_05_09_Press_Information Silverfuchs_johannes_gellner_3mp

Musical "expedition" on the Lynx Trail!

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Image: 2023_04_24_Robinie Andrea Krapf

Discussion material Robinia

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The black locust, a very troublesome "garden escapee" that can threaten our native flora
2023_04_18_Exhibition opening_Gstatterboden_1_c_Collection photographers


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Opening of a photo exhibition
Before the power line

Wilderness instead of overhead line route

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Picture: Lively interest at the National Park Forum

Great interest at the National Park Forum 2023

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The golden eagle the king of the airs

NATIONALPARK FORUM: Golden eagle & Co.

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"Memorial Danilo Re 2023" - Big reunion after a two-year break

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Great spotted woodpecker

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Golden eagle - king of the skies

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Alpine longhorned owl

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Lady´s slippers

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The pretty feathered pink

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