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Camping at Gesäuse National Park


As the nature in national parks is particularly sensitive camping and (planned) bivouacking is strictly prohibited. This rule does not only apply to the open terrain but also, like in every other national park, to the parking lots.

There is only one exception: Bivouacs for alpinist in case of distress in the mountains are tolerated. However, camping at the Campingplatz Forstgarten in Gstatterboden  is encouraged. For reservations call +43 664 8252323 or visit on site. Campers can also be parked there.

If the campsite is fully booked, you can use the caravan site at the Parkplatz Hartelsgraben (this may only be approached if no more parking spaces are available at Forstgarten - max. two vehicles have space there; no waste and wastewater disposal possible there).

Have a pleasant stay!

Camping in the National Park - What to look out for

  • Parking only in the designated parking spaces
  • Camping at the Forstgarten campsite in Gstatterboden
  • Making fire outside the fireplace/barbecue area at the campsite in Gstatterboden
  • Camping and spending the night in open areas and parking lots (alpine emergency bivouac is tolerated)


  • have fun
  • in the national park not cool, voluntary restriction in favor of nature
  • not allowed in the national park, prohibited by law

May we introduce ourselves?

As your companions in the terrain, we provide clear information on the signs. We will tell you where to go and which areas you are not allowed to enter under any circumstances. Whether summer or winter: just listen to us and make a valuable contribution to us and to the undisturbed development of nature. Thank you very much!

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