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Briefly and succinctly at Gesäuse National Park

wild water - steep rock

Wild water & steep rock The Gesäuse National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Styria. It spreads over 12.000 hectares of land and is home to numerous plant and animal species. While the common sandpiper breeds next to the gravel banks of the rivers Enns and Johnsbach, the pretty feathered pink, an endemite of the northern Limestone Alps, grows on the slopes of the harsh and unapproachable mountains.

A unique ecosystem in addition to a huge diversity of habitats is the result of the national park philosophy to not intervene in nature’s doings. Such landscapes have become rare and are particularly valuable.

The area is open to everyone and we are happy to share our passion for the Gesäuse.

10 things you should not miss

1. Listening to the river Enns’ whispering at the entrance of the Gesäuse National Park

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2. Exploring the area around the willow dome – the heart of the national park

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3. Experiencing the wilderness of the forests

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4. Delving into torrent & canyon forests (Theme trail Hartelsgraben)

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5. Sleeping at the bosom of nature

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6. Gazing at the stars into the darkest night sky in Austria

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7. Conquering a mountain or enjoying a cold drink at one of the alpine huts

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8. Going vertical: climbing (mountain guides are recommended)

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9. Visit a exhibition of the National Park

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10th National Park Ranger:in Meeting

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for your orientation

This map from our partner CARTO.AT can be bought in the information office Admont and in the National Park Pavilion Gstatterboden as a print!