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Themed trails at Gesäuse National Park

Themed trails

The themed trails in the Gesäuse National Park show visitors the beauties and natural jewels of Styria's only national park in an appealing, didactically prepared manner.

themed trails in the National Park - What to look out for

  • Hiking on all marked trails
  • Hiking with dog on leash
  • Do not leave the marked hiking trails if possible
  • Do not pick mushrooms and berries (max. 2kg)
  • Pick plants, disturb animals, collect minerals
  • Make fire (exception: barbecue site Gstatterboden)
  • Camping and spending the night in the open country
  • Drone takeoff and landing


  • have fun
  • in the national park not cool, voluntary restriction in favor of nature
  • not allowed in the national park, prohibited by law

May we introduce ourselves?

As your companions in the terrain, we provide clear information on the signs. We will tell you where to go and which areas you are not allowed to enter under any circumstances. Whether summer or winter: just listen to us and make a valuable contribution to us and to the undisturbed development of nature. Thank you very much!

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Themed trails