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Exhibitions at Gesäuse National Park


Planspitze – a mountain full of contrasts National Park Pavillion in Gstatterboden

"Planspitze – a mountain full of contrasts" is the title of the new exhibition in the National Park Pavillion. From the water level of the rushing Enns river to dizzying heights, visitors can experience the Planspitze mountain, which represents the fascinating mountain scenery of Hochtor range, up close. Additionally, rare species of the national park, such as the "pretty feathered pink", the "common sandpiper" or the unique "northern giant eye harvestman" are portrayed. Furthermore visitors are given the opportunity to travel back in time with the help of photographs and stories.

Planspitze mountain and its contrasts represent the Gesäuse.


Opening hours of information desk and exhibition:

1st of May to 31st of October: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00 o’clock

Free entrance!


Nationalpark Pavillon

Gstatterboden 25

8913 Gstatterboden

+43 664 8252313

"Passion for Nature" in the Natural History Museum of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont

Only 7 km lie between Admont Abbey and the Gesäuse entrance. In his day, Father Gabriel Strobl took advantage of Admont's geographic location for extended hikes and established a local tradition of nature research that continues today with the public research mission of the Gesäuse National Park.

What could be more obvious than to implement these commonalities also in the form of a practical cooperation! The exhibition does not explain the nature of the national park. Rather, the visitors' attention is drawn to current research personalities and a few small but fine jewels: concentration on topics that are not so easily perceived in nature. Omitting and reducing, in other words. The exhibition also places an artistic emphasis on acoustics: composer Thomas Gorbach realizes a spatial sound installation with an "Acousmonium", which reworks original sounds from the Gesäuse in a compositional way. The sounds make it possible to experience space as a fourth dimension.

Opening hours of the library and museums at Admont Abbey:

From 19.03.2021, open daily from 10 am to 5 pm


Library and Museums Admont Monastery

Kirchplatz 1

8911 Admont

+43 3613 2312-0

Film "Papilo - The Secret of the Green Time Capsule" and projection "The Future is Wild" in the Silvanum Forestry Museum.

The world's first true macro nature film "Papilo - The Secret of the Green Time Capsule" takes you into a realm that is otherwise barely visible to the naked eye: It was possible to bring motifs with a size of only 1mm format-filling to FULL HD. The duration of the film is 20min.

The 3D projection "The Future is Wild" asks questions: What does wild actually mean? What do we feel when we think of wilderness? Does the feeling of a fear-inducing wild nature still reside in us? In view of the dramatic decline of near-natural wetlands worldwide, national parks and wilderness areas are vital refuges for endangered animal and plant species. Areas in which man consciously allows a renunciation of the prerogative of natural processes are presented here.

Opening hours of the Forestry Museum: 

May-October Wednesday-Sunday 10am-12pm and 1pm-5pm


Österreichisches Forstmuseum Silvanum

Großreifling 33

8931 Landl

+43 3633 220116