Cycling and Mountainbiking at Gesäuse National Park

Cycling and Mountainbiking

Gesäuse National Park stands for sustainable, nature-friendly tourism. Therefore, off-road mountain bike routes are strictly prohibited. Our fair play folder points to the reasons why. Nevertheless, cyclists and mountain bikers will find their way through the National Park - on well-marked and signposted routes. The mountain bike routes via the Hochscheibenalm, the Ennsboden and Rauchboden Trail or the Johnsbacher Almenrunde circular trail are ideal. Additionally, there are supra-regional offers such as the Ennsradweg and the Trans Nationalpark . National Park Pavillion in Gstatterboden and Sport Pörl Admont also rent mountain bikes and e-bikes during the summer season.



  • Hochscheiben Mountainbikestrecke ist schneefrei und befahrbar
  • Rauchbodenweg Mountainbikestrecke ist befahrbar
  • Ennsbodenweg Mountainbikestrecke ist befahrbar
  • Johnsbacher Almenrunde:
    • vom Parkplatz Ebnerklamm über die Kölblalm ist die Strecke bis zur Schröckalm frei
    • von der Ebneralm zur Pfarralm ist noch vereinzelt mit Schneefeldern zu rechnen. Besondere Vorsicht bitte!

Cycling on the designated routes (see below)
Cycling at the times indicated at the starting point

Cycling without regard for other visitors
Cycling at inappropriate speed

Cycling on all paths not designated for this purpose
Cycling outside the riding times indicated at the starting point

Cycling and Mountainbiking