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We work in the National Park "because it makes sense - because it is beautiful!

Our mission
We believe that it makes sense to preserve the Gesäuse landscape and its wild nature.
Where nature is not used and left to its own devices, a special diversity of species survives and develops freely. Such landscapes have become rare and therefore particularly valuable.
The National Park is open to all people to experience nature with respect. With enthusiasm we share our passion for the Gesäuse.

Management and administration

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DI Herbert Wölger

managing director
Graduate of the University of Bodenkultur Vienna
+43 3613 21000
+43 664 8252300

Karin Lattacher_©Thomas Sattler Copy

Karin Lattacher

+43 3613 2100021
+43 3613 2100018 (Fax)


Ing. Silke Regner

controlling, administration, accounting
+43 3613 2100024
+43 664 8252302

Department of nature conservation and research


Alexander Maringer

Head of Nature Conservation & Research,
biologist with focus on zoology
+43 3613 2100031
+43 664 8252314

Gudrun Bruckner

Gudrun Bruckner, BSC

TU graduate with focus on nature conservation
+43 664 88475628
+43 3613 21000-32

Laura 800

Laura Suppan, BSc. BSc. MSc.

Biologin mit Schwerpunkt GIS
+43 664 8252310


Barbara Bock, MSc

biologist with focus on botany
+43 664 8252320

Magdalena Kaltenbrunner(2) (1)

DI Magdalena Kaltenbrunner

forestry scientist with focus on GIS
On maternity leave

Staff National Park_c-Stefan Leitner_Gesaeuse_26

Christoph Spanner

Area supervision in summer

Alina Schramm

Alina Schramm

Area supervision in summer

Department of Nature and environmental education


DI Martin Hartmann, MSc

Head of Nature and Environmental Education,
National Park Foto School
forestry scientist with focus on management of protected areas, photographer
+43 3613 2100040
+43 664 8252304


Dr DI Petra Sterl

environmental education, visitor guidance
landscape planner with focus on environmental education and visitor guidance
+43 3613 2100042
+43 664 8252322


Franziska Maier, MSC

Head of Partner Schools, Ranger,
Biologist with focus on biodiversity
Wildlife ecologist
+43 664 8252317


Agnes Strasser, BSC

Partner schools, ranger, BOKU graduate with focus on biodiversity
+43 664 8252307


Maria Pichler

+43 664 88475630


Johanna Eisank, BEd

partner schools, ranger
geographer with focus on high mountain and climate geography, environmental pedagogue

On maternity leave

Denise_©Thomas Sattler Copy

Denise Reiter, MSc

Head of adventure centre Weidendom, head of YOUth FOR NATURE, ranger
Biologist with focus on zoology
+43 664 8252318


Fabienne Palm, BSc

Saisonkraft Erlebniszentrum Weidendom
+43 664 88475622


Miriam Meschede, MA

Saisonkraft Erlebniszentrum Weidendom
+43 664 88475620

Matthias Rinner

Matthias Rinner


department of communication


Christoph Unterberger, MA

Head of Communications,
Sociologist, pedagogue, personnel developer
+43 3613 2100050
+43 6648252309


Ing. Andreas Hollinger

department of communication
electrical engineer, career changer in nature conservation
+43 3613 2100050
+43 664 8252305

department of infrastructure


DI Markus Blank

Head of Infrastructure,
Ranger, electrical and communications engineer
+43 3613 2100051
+43 664 8252321


Raimund Reiter

infrastructure, partner schools, ranger
+43 650 3969413


Niko Polner

infrastructure, ranger
+43 664 8252306

Matthias Prüggler


department of infrastructure

+43 664 8252308

Nicole curse-1

Nicole Curse

Exhibition and information point in the Gstatterboden National Park Pavilion
+43 664 8252313

Susanne Zadl

Susanne Zadl

Cleaning power

Info office Admont


Dr Isabella Mitterböck

Head of travel agency and information office Admont,

Communication scientist/ethnologist, tourism specialist
+43 3613 21160 60
+43 664 3465629

Cane Kathrin

Kathrin Stock, MSc

Info office Admont
+43 3613 21160 20

Brianda Van Veen

Brianda Van Veen

Info office Admont
+43 3613 211 60 20

Department of Forest and game Management


Dr. Lutz Pickenpack

Director of the Steiermärkische Landesforste, Head of Forest - Game Division
+43 3613 2403
+43 664 5364131


Ing. Martin Zorn

District Forester, Ranger
+43 664 8252311


Christopher Fürweger

+43 664 88475631

Andreas Hollinger-10804 Copy

Heimo Kranzer

hunter, department of game management
+43 664 2113174


Christian Mayer

+43 664 2113176

Gesäuse National Park Rangers

Oliver Daxböck

Oliver Daxböck

Doris Remschak (4) (1)

Doris Remschak

Emmerstorfer Heimo

Heimo Emmerstorfer

@Heinz Peterherr-16

Werner Huber

Leimberger Christoph

DI (FH) Christian Leimberger

Christoph Gahbauer

Christoph Gahbauer, MSC

@Heinz Peterherr-22

Elke Pichler

@Heinz Peterherr-6

Benjamin Mader-Bock

Remschak Christina

Christina Remschak

Riedl Wolfgang

Mag. Wolfgang Riedl

Röck Ernst

Ernst Röck

Scheucher Christian

Christian Scheucher

Staber Herbert

Herbert Staber

Sulzbacher Johannes

Johannes Sulzbacher

Thaller Reinhard

Reinhard Thaller


Catarina Tost

Wonaschütz Gerlinde

Gerlinde Wonaschütz