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National Park authorities at Gesäuse National Park

National Park authorities

The task of the national park authorities

The national park authorities play one of the most important roles in the (nature) protection of the Gesäuse National Park. Laws, regulations and guidelines, fair play folders and information boards in the terrain - all these things would be worthless without people who roam the terrain and monitor abidance in the national park.

Nevertheless, the most important precondition for successful nature conservation is the understanding of visitors for nature protection. Often it is just plain ignorance that leads to the destruction of irretrievable natural resources. Consequently, the main task of the national park authorities is to inform and raise awareness for necessary nature conservation measures.

National Park organs are the sworn auxiliary organs of the Styrian nature conservation authority and are responsible for information, education and monitoring, but are also authorized to carry out official acts of sovereignty such as confiscation and issuing penal orders. Therefore, high demands are placed on their personal and professional aptitude. The honorary national park organs are appointed by the state government after successful completion of an official examination. They are obliged to perform a minimum annual period of service and to undergo further training. The national park organs are subordinate to the respective district administration and must wear a service card and a visible badge.


The National Park Authorities Act

The National Park Organs Act - which primarily regulates the conditions and powers - was unanimously adopted by the Styrian Parliament on June 17, 2003 as the legal basis for Gesäuse National Park and came into force on October 1, 2003.