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Press release 28.04.2021

Rieseln - room installation 

Exhibition Old Saw Gstatterboden 2021


Sometimes, on the way, it hits the ear from close up, abruptly, and the eye with the movement of the head. A bright, light movement of the smallest components. On edges and surfaces, over shapes and textures, these tiny things gather into a steady current.

This year's exhibition in the Alte Säge in Gstatterboden is designed by Thomas Grill, Nicole Krenn and Lisa Truttmann. Under the exhibition title "Rieseln" (Trickling), they deal with the omnipresent forms of erosion in the National Park in a variety of ways. The artists have investigated the temporal process of erosion as well as the visual and acoustic phenomena and elaborated them in the media.

The architecture of the Alte Säge in Gstatterboden is directly integrated as an environment for these themes. An installation spans a permeable, walk-in space flowing from the ceiling to the floor, in which photography and sound are used on various materials - from fine silk to coarse linen, arranged on wire ropes. These materials connect the exhibition space itself and the themed landscape of the national park in terms of content and form. Detailed recordings in sound and image serve as reference and source material. These fragments form contrasts between geometric and soft, rigid and flowing, in sound between naturalistic and synthetic - the installation thus becomes a tangible, animated landscape.

Nicole Krenn: "For me, the Gesäuse has an international aesthetic: when I look at old prints of karstified landscapes in Japan, I find the Gesäuse again. So from the Gesäuse I also look out into the world." The artist Nicole Krenn has been travelling to the Gesäuse again and again for more than ten years, documenting her stays by means of photography and creating artistic cartographies from the visual material. In the last two years there have been several working stays together with Lisa Truttmann and Thomas Grill, the results of which are visible in the multimedia spatial installation "Rieseln". Nicole Krenn says: "The Gesäuse is my soul mate. The mountains are dramatic, diverse and unique at the same time. So is the light, every day, every hour is a treat for the eyes, rain or shine."

Opening hours exhibition "Rieseln":

01 - 15 May: Fri - Sun, 10:00 - 18:00 each day

19 May - 31 October: Tue - Sun (closed on Mon), 10:00 - 18:00 each day.

Free entrance!

The project was funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and the Gesäuse National Park as part of the artistic research project "Rotting sounds" (FWF AR445).

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