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Wilderness at Gesäuse National Park


The procress of wilderness

In the national park, natural processes such as avalanches, windthrow or floods are allowed. Nature can develop freely on ¾ of the area:
- a forest grows old, dies and grows new again
- a river overflows its banks and reshapes its surroundings
- an avalanche creates structure, diversity and new habitats

The task of the Gesäuse National Park in this process is to let natural processes take their course, to explore and document them in order to better understand them.

Don't panic: the safety of visitors comes first and is placed above process protection! Where the protection of hikers can no longer be or where paths have become impassable due to natural events, the National Park intervenes.
What´s wilderness for us?

Man has the urge to regulate the unpredictable and the supposedly disorderly by all means. In the Gesäuse National Park, however, letting things be has nothing to do with "going to ruin", but much more with "letting life be"!

It is worthwhile to change one's perspective a little and to look at things from a different angle...

By the way, the best way to experience the forest wilderness in the Gesaeuse National Park is on a hike along the marked hiking trails or along the Themed trails .