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Welcome at Gesäuse National Park

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The Gesäuse National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Styria. It spreads over 12.000 hectares of land and is home to numerous plant and animal species. While the common sandpiper breeds next to the gravel banks of the rivers Enns and Johnsbach, the pretty feathered pink, an endemite of the northern Limestone Alps, grows on the slopes of the harsh and unapproachable mountains. A unique ecosystem in addition to a huge diversity of habitats is the result of the national park philosophy to not intervene in nature’s doings. Such landscapes have become rare and are particularly valuable.

Our landscape is wonderfully untamed; wild water and steep rock. Enns Valley in the Gesäuse forms one of the most impressive gorges in the Eastern Alps, including towering rock faces. The accentuated topography and geographical location goes hand in hand with a great biodiversity. There is no place in Austria with more endemic species.

We are a national park according to IUCN II criteria, i.e. our main task is the free development of nature (wilderness). The habitats and landscapes are strongly protected and humans are not allowed to interfere. Forestry, gravel mining and the like are prohibited as well. There is only one exception to the rule – alpine pastures.

Richtig erleben lässt sich der Nationalpark Gesäuse zu Fuß oder per Raft auf der Enns. Besucherzentren gibt es beim Weidendom und in Gstatterboden. Genießen Sie unsere Themenwege, wandern Sie auf den zahlreichen markierten Wegen oder nehmen Sie an einer Führung teil. Touren gibt es für alle Anforderungen, vom barrierefreien Spazierweg bis zur schwierigsten Klettertour. Am ergiebigsten tauchen Sie ein, wenn Sie individuell eine Nationalpark-Ranger:in als Guide buchen.

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20 years Gesäuse National Park

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary in 2022, we have rummaged through the archives and highlighted the highlights of nature conservation in the Gesäuse. Browse through the long history of Styria's only national park - well before its founding on 26.10.2002!

20 years Gesäuse National Park

Experience what?

Our program of events shows you the diversity of Styria's only national park: discover the Gesäuse National Park - from the valley to higher altitudes, from insects to red deer, from orchids to tree personalities!


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Browse through our shop and let yourself be inspired. Not found the right thing? How about a voucher for a guided ranger tour? You will always find our events and guided tours up to date in our Calendar.

Gesäuse National Park Shop

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