Press release 15.07.2021

On the road with advice and action

This summer, too, an above-average number of holidaymakers and mountain hikers are visiting the Gesäuse National Park. Numerous staff members of the National Park Supervisory Authority are therefore out and about in the area to be available as competent contact persons for all questions, to provide information on paths and destinations in the National Park or to ensure compliance with the special protection regulations!


Since last year, the travel behaviour of many Austrians has changed dramatically. As difficult as it has sometimes become to reach beloved holiday destinations, it has become all the easier to explore the special sights of one's own country and in particular to (re)discover the rich and diverse nature. Last year 2020, for example, almost 40,000 visitors were welcomed to the national park centre "Weidendom", which is almost double the "pre-Corona times"!

While most guests to the Gesäuse National Park already have a certain amount of preparation or knowledge when touring the wildlife-dramatic landscape in the midst of the Northern Limestone Alps, there is still always a need for information on routes and trail times, the zoological and botanical features of the area, or general questions about the special conservation goals of the National Park and the development of the area into a true wilderness. And rarely, but nevertheless, it has to be pointed out with due severity that although man is a welcome guest in this protected area, absolute priority is given to pristine nature in some areas, such as the highly sensitive gravel areas along the Enns, which are most valuable breeding and habitat areas for many endangered species.

As a guest in the Gesäuse National Park, you can also meet rangers at the alpine refuges outside the open visitor and information centres in the Weidendom and Pavillon Gstatterboden during the summer months, who are happy to pass on their extensive knowledge of the protected area and tell you many an exciting, entertaining story about the rich natural world. And should you be lucky enough to see a golden eagle in the sky at that very moment, the spotting scope provided is a welcome help in getting a close look at the majesties of the air.

Apart from this, several staff members are out and about every day as part of the area supervision and in this way serve as "living visiting cards" of the National Park in the field - ready to answer all possible - and impossible - questions about the Gesäuse and its natural features in the best possible way. In order to ensure that they can get around in a particularly environmentally friendly way while at the same time having a long range, some of these colleagues are also on the move with newly acquired and specially marked e-bikes.

"Last but not least, during the months of July, August and September, rangers will be on duty in mobile information stands at the Haindlkar car park and the Hesshütten car park in Johnsbach at the weekends to listen to all the concerns and suggestions of the guests of the National Park - and to provide a satisfactory answer. We hope that every visit to the Gesäuse National Park will be a very special experience for everyone - visitors and nature alike!

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