Press release 10.08.2021

Gesäuse National Park invests in infrastructure

WCs and benches as a new service for visitors


Toilets have been installed at the four heavily frequented car parks Weidendom, Haindlkar, Kummerbrücke and Hartelsgraben in the Gesäuse National Park. The dry toilets are a further service for visitors and are intended to counteract the pollution of nature. These toilets do not require any water and are positioned with their black chimneys in such a way that optimal evaporation of liquid substances can take place.

The WCS are regularly cleaned by the national park, but the park also hopes for "proper" use by the visitors.

In addition, the National Park set up 20 benches at the car parks and at POIs (Points of Interest) near the valley. These were made in the design of the benches in the Marienpark in Admont.

The national park was supported by funding from the federal government, the state and the European Union.


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