Press release 01.03.2021

At the National Park Forum, the Gesäuse National Park answers questions about its current projects, takes criticism and also receives praise. This year the National Park Forum takes place online and therefore hopes for supra-regional participation.

"Normally, the National Park Forum takes place in an inn in the national park region. Consequently, most of the visitors also come from the immediate region," says National Park Director Herbert Wölger, explaining the orientation of the event. "This year we will present our strategic management plan. What does the national park plan to do in the next ten years, why are we doing this, where is the journey going? With such a strategically important topic, it may even be an advantage that this time we will hold the National Park Forum as an online event. This way, many people interested in nature can take part, for whom the journey might otherwise have been too far," Wölger continues.

How can you join in?

The National Park Forum will be held on 11 March 2021 from 7pm live on Facebook streamed.

You do not need your own Facebook account to stream the event. However, if you want to comment on the event or ask questions, you have to log in with your Facebook profile.

Ursula Lackner, Provincial Councillor for Nature Conservation, on the National Park Forum 2021: "The Gesäuse National Park has been doing valuable work in nature conservation in Styria for almost two decades. Here, habitats can develop largely without human influence. But people are invited to visit and marvel at these natural treasures. And if you look closely, you can also discover a lot. For example, national park research has so far documented 7,654 animal and plant species, to name just one highlight. I think it is very important that the national park has developed a strategic management plan and is presenting it to a broad public. In this way, the Styrians are well informed about the future work in Styria's only national park.

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The strategic management plan for the next ten years (Copyright Stefan Leitner)
At the Gesäuse entrance the Enns can still be wild (Copyright Stefan Leitner)
Wilderness characterises the Gesäuse National Park (Copyright Martin Hartmann)

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