Press release 26.01.2022

(Dis)order in nature

New volume of the National Park series published

Do we expose ourselves to uncontrollable danger if we stop dominating the landscape around us? Or do we ensure our own survival if we change our perspective and give nature more space?


Natural dynamics are the basis of diverse life in the pristine landscape. We often perceive them as disasters. However, mudflows, avalanches, storms, floods and fire contribute to high biodiversity and can be seen as catalysts for valuable natural areas.


With the help of many high-calibre contributions, this new book sheds light on the National Park core theme of "wilderness". The development of the Gesäuse National Park over the past 20 years, experiences from other areas such as the Swiss National Park and the expertise of Austrian scientists show what could still await the Gesäuse on its way to wilderness.


(Un-)Ordnung in der Natur - Volume 16 of the "Schriften des Nationalparks Gesäuse" - is now available in our National Park Shop at the price of € 24.90 plus shipping costs:



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