2022_05_30 Book 20 years

Press release 30.05.2022

Book presentation "20 years Gesäuse National Park - Wild Water - Steep Rock".

Herfried Marek from Wörschach is one of Austria's best nature photographers. In his illustrated book he provides insights into the only Styrian National Park.

420 fascinating pictures of rare, shy animal species, partly endemic plants and outstanding landscape photographs are collected in this book. They are meant to serve as an incentive to get to know the wonderful landscape of the National Park with its impressive gorges and towering rock faces, to seek out well-known places and discover hidden things.

Alexander Maringer, Head of Department for Nature Conservation & Research, and his team supported the photographer with the texts and image selection. "The volume focuses entirely on nature; and we have plenty of that in the National Park! This is also evident in the research. Since the existence of our protected area, our knowledge of biodiversity has more than tripled. We have discovered many species and, in some cases, researched them intensively. Herfried Marek's book also shows precisely these hidden treasures. A highlight for me are the pictures of the black storks resting in the snow, which are very rare guests here".


Book presentation with Herfried Marek

Thursday 09 June 2022


Meeting placeGallery FOKUS Admont

Costs: Free admission


The book can be purchased at the Admont Information Office for € 39.90.

The cover of the new book © Herfried Marek


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