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Natural Phenomena at Gesäuse National Park

Natural Phenomena

Full of little wonders and big adventures, the Gesäuse National Park’s wilderness invites you to explore and experience the beauty of its nature. The floral, faunal and habitat diversity, especially the endemic species, in addition to the unspoiled nature and the rugged mountains are an Eldorado for nature lovers as wells as researchers and scientists. To experience nature, you don't have to travel to the other end of the world as it is only one step away. Visit us at Gesäuse National Park, fall in love with the wild water and steep rocks and share our passion for nature’s creation.


Process conservation in the Gesäuse National Park: What are the jewels of biodiversity and what do endemics have to do with it?

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More than stones!
The Gesäuse mountains are part of the Northern Limestone Alps, a special one as you can imagine...

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The Gesäuse has a lot to offer. From wild water to steep rock, there is room for the most diverse creatures at altitudes ranging from 500 to 2369m.

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The Gesäuse National Park is a gem of biodiversity.

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Lady´s slippers


Lynx, golden eagle, northern giant eye, sandpiper...they all share the same habitat: Gesäuse National Park!

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Night sky

The Gesäuse owes its dark starry sky to its geographic location. Austria's largest cities, Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Linz, are quite far away from the Gesäuse. It lies exactly in the dark center of these metropolises.

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Andreas Hollinger-19472_NPG