Picture t.s.: Cinema at the Weidendom

Tenth summer of cinema at the Weidendom

Nature Surround instead of Dolby Surround


The Gesäuse National Park, the only national park in Styria and its largest area where nature can develop freely, has the darkest night sky in Austria. A good place for an outdoor cinema.


Thursday and summer, that's the combination it takes to light up the National Park's Nature Night for 2 hours. It's cinema time! For the tenth time, the small open-air stage, surrounded by thousand-metre-high cliffs, hosts a summer cinema that is probably unique among the many other summer cinemas.


Films such as Munier's "Der Schneeleopard", Adrian Golginger's "Märzengrund", "Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes" by Werner Herzog or "Tief Oben" a film by Wilhelm Hengstler, which is set in Eisenerz and fell into oblivion soon after its premiere in the 90s. In "Lynx", director Laurent Geslin goes in search of the lynxes in the Swiss Jura, where - similar to the Gesäuse - these animals are to be reintroduced.


"All of them are films that have a strong narrative character, give a voice to nature and landscape and are rarely seen," says National Park Director Herbert Wölger, who is responsible for the ambitious programme.


Film off is the motto every Thursday in July and August only when the Hochtor north face goes dark after the evening glow. And yes, it can get cold.



Annex: Cinema at the Willow Dome - Film Programme 2023


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