Press release 09.11.2021

Nature Writing - Describing Nature in the Gesäuse National Park

Nature" offers undreamt-of inspiration. In this writing workshop we go out into the Gesäuse together at different times of the day and night with pen and pad. The outer perception of "nature" and the inner perception of our experiences in it and with it combine in the creative act. In this way we create texts, the unconscious, "nature" is given a concrete expression and form.

With the classic Nature Writing The I of the writer into the foreground, we explore and observe and experience the environment and "nature" in a processual way. It is therefore about subjective experiences and sensations that are not passively consumed, but arise through a human resonance body and out of a resonance with "nature", through time in and with "nature", through active observation with all sensory impressions, mental combination and written reflection.

Dhe author and writing coach Leonhard F. Seidl will introduce us to the art of writing. Nature Writing introduce. At the end of the day, the texts are discussed in a cosy round and Seidl gives tips, gladly also on questions of publication.

In August 2020, Seidl spent two weeks on a remote alpine pasture in the Gesäuse and came to know and love it. His sixth novel will be published in March. He has received several awards for his texts, including the Nature Writing Scholarship - Thoreau 2.2 at Bavarian Forest National Park.


Key data on the event:

Nature Writing - Describing Nature in the Gesäuse National Park

Fri, 03 - Sun, 05 December 2021 at Naturhotel Schloss Kassegg

Link to the event: https://nationalpark-gesaeuse.at/nationalpark-erleben/kalender/veranstaltungen/AT1/dce88c17-fd28-4a72-91bf-fbcafd858ef6/nature-writing-natur-beschreiben-im-np-gesaeuse


Enquiry notice:

Dr Isabella Mitterböck (i.mitterboeck@nationalpark-gesaeuse.at, 0664/3465629))

Leonhard F. Seidl (www.textartelier.de, seidl@textartelier.de)

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