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Press release 04.04.2022

Unleaded hunters

Lead residues from hunting ammunition poison birds of prey. The Styrian Hunting Protection Association Admont and the Gesäuse National Park therefore support hunters in switching to lead-free ammunition.


At the beginning of this year's hunting season, on 30 April, the Admont-St. Gallen branch of the Styrian Hunting Protection Association invites you to a control shoot in St. Gallen. In cooperation with the Gesäuse National Park and gunsmith Harald Pichler, lead-free ammunition can be tested free of charge.

Lead is not only toxic to humans. Long-lived birds of prey, such as golden eagles, also slowly accumulate lead in their bodies, which they ingest with their quarry. This usually leads to impairments, sometimes even to the death of the animal (in 2005, a golden eagle also died of such poisoning in Admont). This is an additional reason to stop contaminating the environment with lead.


Action Day on 30 April

"We hunters must not close our minds to the trend towards lead-free bullets," is how Manfred Blümel, chairman of the hunting protection association and master hunter, assesses the situation.

Therefore, at this year's "Einschießen", there is the opportunity to test lead-free ammunition under the professional guidance of weapons and ammunition experts. The Gesäuse National Park is committed to lead-free shooting and therefore provides the test ammunition free of charge. All members of the Hunting Protection Association are entitled to participate, prior registration by telephone with chairman Manfred Blümel is obligatory. Blümel: "We expect about 100 participants, whom we will look after throughout the day so that the technicians can devote sufficient time to everyone."



The ORF also recently reported online on the topic




Enquiry notice:

Manfred Blümel, Tel: 0664 - 496 94 56


A fact sheet on the topic of lead-free is available for download on the National Park's homepage:





Download link: https://nationalpark-gesaeuse.at/service/presse/

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