Michael Kemeter as a guest in Admont
Picture3 Kaiserschmoan by Ivan Bandic
Picture2 Kaiserschmoan by Ivan Bandic
Image1 Kaiserschmoan by Ivan Bandic
Picture Canal Grande by Merlin Outdoor Photography

Michael Kemeter as a guest in Admont

Once a year, the Gesäuse National Park invites you to a mountaineering lecture as part of the "Vertical Originals" series. On Thursday, 23 November, from 19:00 in the Volkshaus Admont that time again. Extreme climber Michael Kemeter talks about his adventures.


Many speak of the multi-talented, exceptional sportsman, professional in a class of his own, etc. Mich Kemeter - as he is widely known - is a top highliner and climber, unique, fascinating, endearing, human, coupled with discipline and ambition.

"In the spirit of 'the ability is the measure of the ability', Mich acts thoughtfully and consistently moves off the beaten track."


In 2017, he opened the route "Weg durch Hedis Kaiserschmarrn" in the Gesäuse, one of the most difficult multi-pitch tours in the world. Rated with the unimaginable difficulty level 11/11 and in memory of the legendary cooking skills of a landlady at the Haindlkarhütte.


Mich Kemeter has not been idle in the Gesäuse in recent years either. Together with Jürgen Reinmüller, he created "Schwarzer Peter" (9+/10-) on the south-western Peternschartenkopf, "Canal Grande" (9) and "Unikat" (8+/9-) on the Großer Ödstein. He climbed the "Dachinierer" (11) on the north face of the Dachl, a route which, in addition to its enormous difficulty, also places considerable demands on the mental abilities of its climbers.


In his lecture, Kemeter talks about the start of his career as a "competitive athlete" in pistol shooting, about successes and their downsides, about "solo climbing tours", "dancing" around the world on a slackline and how he earns his living.






Thursday, 23 November 2023

19:00 Volkshaus Admont



Enquiry notice:

Andreas Hollinger, Tel: 0664-82 52 305

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